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1. Number 245
This tattoo proves that Dua Lipa is an unstoppable artist. The singer got the number 245 tattooed after finishing her ‘Self-Titled’ tour, as this was the total number of shows on the tour.

2. Palm tree
The palm tree on the left elbow represents Los Angeles, the place where Dua Lipa’s musical career began, where she began to write her own songs.

3. Angel
The word ‘angel’ on her shoulder is perhaps one of the singer’s most spiritual tattoos. “I guess having an angel on your shoulder is having someone who takes care of you and protects you in some way” said Dua.

4. Mum + Dad
Dua Lipa is very clear about it: family is what matters. That is why he has his parents tattooed along with other of his most loved ones.

5. Future Nostalgia
Without a doubt, ‘Future Nostalgia’, Dua Lipa’s latest album, is a masterpiece. This one won a Grammy in 2021 and has helped Dua define her personal style and feel more self-confident.

6. This Means Nothing
This was Dua Lipa’s second tattoo. This time, the artist simply wanted to get a new tattoo that meant nothing at all.

7. R & G
Dua Lipa not only has her parents tattooed, but she has also left a hole on her left wrist for the initials of her two brothers: Rina and Gjin.

8. Rose Flower
The rose tattooed on her right arm was designed by the artist Madame Buraka. The artist revealed through Instagram that she got a tattoo on one of her trips to Paris at 2 in the morning!

9. Fire
Let’s not forget that Dua is a Leo, one of the strongest and fiery signs in the horoscope.

10. Dancing Figures by Keith Haring
Dua decided to get artist Keith Haring’s two dancing figures tattooed on her thumbs. He got them tattooed while filming the ‘New Love’ video clip.

11. Patience
Fame can be exhausting and overwhelming, but above all, keep calm and be patient. The word ‘patience’ reminds Dua Lipa that she must be at peace with herself and not get impatient. After the effort, success will come.

12. Eight pointed star
Continuing with Dua Lipa’s tattoos, this is one of the singer’s most minimalist tattoos. The star is connected with the artistic world and fame.

13. Emoji ‘smiley’
This happy emoji on the little finger reflects the cheerful character and vitality of Dua Lipa. Only an optimistic and happy person could get a smiley face tattooed. We love it!

14. Number 22
Dua Lipa has never clarified the meaning of this tattoo. However, we know that number 22 is very special to her, since the artist was born on August 22, 1995.

15. Sunny Hill
This is Dua Lipa’s favorite tattoo, the one that connects her directly to her roots. ‘Sunny Hill’ is the name of the neighborhood where her parents grew up in Kosovo and for her it holds a very special meaning. “The Sunny Hill tattoo makes me come home and reminds me why I’m here making music today”

16. Barbed Wire Heart
The piece of barbed wire in the shape of a heart reflects the maturity and self-love of Dua Lipa: “I always carry my heart in my hand and I will not change that. I will never change, that’s why there is the barbed wire, because I think it should protect my heart no matter what. “

17. Eye
If the ‘angel’ tattoo protects you, the all-seeing eye on your ankle is Dua Lipa’s lucky charm. This has been the most imitated tattoo by his fans.


The unknown: Arabic letter and number 7
The meaning of the Arabic letter on the left wrist and the number 7 on the right arm is a mystery. Dua Lipa has never explained why these two mini tattoos. Rumors say 7 means the day she meet her boyfriend Anwar Hadid. Also, one of our Twitter followers explained us the Arabic letter means the word “LOVE”.


September 21st, 2021